LaTanya Millhouse

Sustainable Plan for District 6

Improving the health and well-being of a community is no simple task. Today, more than ever, as a community leader, I understand that improving the health and well-being of individuals and families means changing health-related behaviors.

District 6 needs a leader to ensure that we build and maintain the capacity to work in partnership to provide results that will have lasting effects — effects that are sustainable. Sustainability is not just about funding. It’s about creating and building momentum to maintain community-wide change by organizing and maximizing community assets and resources. I am the CHANGE that District 6 needs! 

Homes in the Community

¨ Home Ownership programs

¨ Promote Eco– friendly homes

¨ Rebuild and Rehab projects 

¨ Promote energy efficiency homes

¨ Support overdue attention to vacant, abandoned, burned and dilapidated houses

Healthy Living Community

¨ Community Gardens

¨ Get Fit Programs

¨ Healthy Eating Habits

Community and Economic Development

¨ Self Employment Training

¨ Skilled Based Training

¨ Church to Neighborhood 

¨ Mentoring Program

¨ Youth Leadership Development

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 LaTanya Millhouse is a single mother who was born and raised in Titusville. She has a genuine concern for the future of District 6. With over 30 years of experience in community and economic development, LaTanya is well-suited to represent District 6 on the City Council.

LaTanya formed The Alpha Omega Group in 2004 to foster the needs of the community by promoting community involvement, workforce development, education and healthy social behaviors. Previously, The Alpha Omega Group, provided assistance to the Lovelady Center with program development, fund development and public relations, assisted AIDS Alabama to develop and facilitate the success of “Making Proud Choices”, a national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy, and worked on community development and public relations for the Jefferson County Commission. 

LaTanya recognized the many needs of the youth in our community, which led to the creation of two mentoring groups, “ManCave: For Young Men Only”, and “Power In Heels”. The goal is to equip our youth with the knowledge, skills and encouragement to become “SUCCESSFUL MEN & WOMEN”. 

LaTanya has also served as the Executive Director for the Birmingham Black Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Program Manager for Operation Hope. In these roles, LaTanya developed a plan to empower our community through entrepreneurship.